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Forest Ecology Lab

Our research focuses on understanding the factors that dictate plant species range limits. We are interested in population dynamics, migration patterns, and dispersal over multiple spatial and temporal scales


My broad research interests lie in understanding controls on species’ distributions. I am particularly interested in the factors that dictate range-limits and migration patterns of tree species. Using tree-rings, I also ask questions related to how tree growth is affected by climatic, topographic, and other abiotic factors. 


I teach a diverse range of classes in ecology and environmental science, including Forest Ecology and Management, Dendrology, Plant Ecology, Population and Community Ecology and ENV Seminar. Overall, my goal is to make whatever topic I am teaching dynamic and engaging, emphasizing critical thinking skills, and leaving my students with a greater appreciation of science as a discipline.


Lab News

  • Dec 2023 - Paper on deer habitat use has been published in Northeastern Naturalist! Congrats to Meghan Bargabos and Jesse Pruden!

  • SeptS2023 - Paper on the post-fire regeneration dynamics has been published in Ecosphere!! Congrats to Devan, Harleigh, and Mikayla for all their work!

  • Sept 2023 - Maddie, James, and Meghan are all conducting fieldwork and working on the Altona Flat Rock Chronosequence of Forest Structure manuscript!

  • Sept 2023 Annie's insect collecting at Shingle Shanty is finished for the year - now we find out what she found!

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